Living like a Bolivian

This Blog is dedicated to Brian's picture journey into Bolivia, South America and some other countries in the same continent. This blog has been made so that friends and family can see what has been and will continue to go on till my return in May. I am not up to date with the pictures, though, so please be patient. Have fun looking at the Pics.


This pizza is the "MOTHER" of all pizzas! It tastes really good too :-)

Here I am pretending to sleep with this drunk bum on the steps near our apt.


J.A.M. (Junior Adventist Missionaries)

We found a very poor neighborhood where people lived in houses that got flooded regularly

Devin and TJ and their friends started this Saturday afternoon outreach

Two Austrian fellows came to work here a while after I arrived. We decided to go 4 wheeling and it was great fun. First time on my own ever.

Jarrod and my first trip to Cerenid

Cerenid is a Home for Street Kids. Its located in the jungle mountains of Bolivia. About a 2 hour drive from Santa Cruz

We climbed a nearby Mountain to take these pictures and some of the kids came up with us.

This was the first of many trips that we have made to Cerenid. I really love it here, I feel like I really am in Bolivia here.

My many different work desks

I got moved around a few times. Its part of being a missionary :-)

Making of our money efficient jib :-)
Our great maintenance man Oscar(left) and my editing boss Richard Carrera(right)

Catching up to Date

RED ADvenir from road

Inside complex

"Singing In the Studio"

Inside studio
Ok so the following posts are going to be me trying to catch you up to date to at least our Peru Trip that I just got back from.

Huge Church Camporee where we had meetings at night, swimming, soccer, social games and town outreach during the day.


Morning worship (in Spanish) at the station


Back to Work at the Station

Me hard at work running the jib for the Hamacas Choir shoot

Hamacas Church Choir

Sadly people crawl up this mountain on their hands and knees to (think that this will) forgive their sins. Its about a 1,000 ft hike!


Jarrod Purkeypile(SM from Southwestern), Charlie Nacif (interpreter at station), and myself (editor and videographer)

View from atop Monte Calvario

Altitude from the top 13,195ft

I almost had to pay for this picture but luckily I had that nifty flip LCD screen on my camera

Just about everywhere in Copacabana you can see the Lake

Our indigenous boat driver

The Reed Boats of Lake Titicaca

1st Trip to Lake Titicaca and first trip in Bolivia

Me on Isla Del Sol

We get our fruit from this guy sometimes

Our Sweet Trash Cans

High Tech security at our station

Jarrod and Brian's(me) room in our first apt.

Taxi ride to my new home for 9 months

First impressions of the Bolivian landscape from Viru Viru Airport

Here begins my photo journal from 09/05/05-when I leave